The Malaysian “Wau” or kites can be found in all shapes and colours, with their bamboo frames brightly decorated by intricate floral cutouts and designs pasted on shimmering paper in a multitude of vibrant colours. A bow-shaped device attached to the neck that emanates a pleasant, high-pitched humming sound when it soars the skies further enhances the eye-catching wau. Wau-making is an ancient art form, and one that is traditionally passed down from father to son.

Traditionally, wau flying was especially popular in the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia, namely Kelantan and Terengganu, where it was commonly flown at the end of harvesting season. Today, the cultural heritage of the Malaysian “Wau” is preserved, as it has become a popular sporting activity amongst the Malay community. Come join us in Enigmatic Malaysia and follow the life of three Wau makers as they prepare for the International Kite Festival in Tumpat, Kelantan.

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2009
Running Time: 48 Minutes
Language: English
Director: Nahar Akhbar Khan
Produced By: KRU Studios