Melakan Portuguese


500 years ago, the Portuguese Viceroy of India, Alfonso D’Albuquerque, led an armada of 19 war ships with 800 Portuguese soldiers, destined for the ancient port city of Melaka. However this premeditated attack on Melaka to avenge the ill-treatment of a former mission was merely a front…with the ultimate mission being to capture Melaka, and gain control of the Eastern Spice Trade. Today’s Melakan Portuguese are descendants of 600 Portuguese soldiers who survived and were encouraged to assimilate with the locals, yet maintaining their unique identity. The fall of the respectably famed Melakan Empire into the hands of the foreigncolonist is a historical enigma that is said to have had a strong influence in shaping today’s Malay civilisation

Enigmatic Malaysia allows you to experience the rich cultural heritage of the Malaysian Melakan Portuguese community… their propensity to survive and propagate their language, tradition, religion and arts.

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2008
Running Time: 48 Minutes
Language: Malay / English
Director: Sherman F. Xavier
Produced By: KRU Studios