Kellie's Castle


An imposing and yet incongruous unfinished building can be seen from afar… rising bizarrely out of the Malaysian tropical forest, within a vast palm oil estate. “Kellie’s Castle”, as it is known locally, was named after its owner, a colonial Scottish planter-William Kellie Smith, who is said to have designed and constructed this styled manor house for his beloved wife Agnes… thereby creating a pocket of Victorian Scotland in the rich British colony of Malaya in the early 20th century.

Kellie’s Castle is as misunderstood, as it is enigmatic. Its history is distorted by rumour, speculation and folklore, causing its walls and corridors to be shrouded in mystery, and its passageways, believed by many, to be haunted by the colonial master himself. Let Enigmatic Malaysia take you on a journey back in time … to that of one man’s dream… his aspirations… frustrations and untimely death. A tale of ambition and devotion in the remarkable story of William Kellie Smith and his castle – a structure that remains a Malaysian enigma in the world of today.

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2008
Running Time: 48 Minutes
Language: Malay / English
Director: Shariff Kamarul Baharin
Produced By: KRU Studios