Geckoman is Malaysia’s first action-hero film, with a strong dose of comedy from a cast featuring a collection of the most popular actor & actresses in the industry. Shot on true-HD, and with intensive use of CGI, including 40% of the content shot on green-screen, Geckoman promises the viewers a unique and memorable film. Based in the make-believe city of Metrofulus, Geckoman evolves around the lives of 2 best friends, and how they cope with the superpowers our unlikely hero inherits by accident.

The elaborate production of the movie featured the involvement of a whole compendium of production components, including Motion Control, Costume Design, Stunts & Rigging, Scenic Painting, Set Design and a host of other eye-opening elements, as well as 3D animation, compositing and a rousing music score.

Genre: Comedy Action Superhero
Release Date: 2006
Language: Malay
Director: Yusry Abdul Halim
Cast: Saiful Apek, Fasha Sandha, Yusry KRU, Aznil Hj Nawawi, yasmin Hani, AC Mizal, Adlin Aman Ramli