This documentary discusses the story behind the existence of legendary hero, Merong Mahawangsa, who is claimed to be a descendant of Alexander the Great. He was said to be responsible for the establishment of the first Malay empire – Langkasuka, which is now known as Kedah Darul Aman. There are numerous interpretations of the story of Merong Mahawangsa, possibly attributed to it being part of history that was orally passed down from generation to generation before being scribed and published. As such, no one really knows how much is myth.. fact.. or legend.

Featuring the opinions of experts, in addition to those involved in the feature film of the same name, this documentary gives an insight to discover the “truth” surrounding this inspirational hero who has become firmly embroiled in Malaysian heritage.

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2009
Running Time: 43 Minutes
Language: Malay
Director: Abdulazeez Ruslan
Produced By: KRU Studios