Bajau Laut


Having chartered the waters off the coast of Borneo for many centuries, the East Malaysian Bajau Laut’s unique lifestyle is fast disappearing. The Bajau Laut traditionally known as “sea gypsies” involved in extensive maritime trading and dwelling in boats, are beginning to lose their identity as they gave up their nomadic ways to integrate with land-based communities… so much so that today, only a few traditional Bajau remain. But old traditions die hard and even with the pressure to settle on land, the Bajau often choose to build their houses over water using stilts, sometimes many miles out into the sea… even on the edge of the Borneo shelf before the ocean floor drops to some 800 metres.

However with settlement comes a new set of challenges… changes in the way of life, although traditions and culture remain as deeply rooted as ever. Enigmatic Malaysia takes you into the heart of their unique lifestyle and customs.”Bajau Laut-Nomads of the Sea” will enable you to enter a world rarely seen..and often misunderstood.

Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2007
Running Time: 48 Minutes
Language: Malay / English
Director: Matthew Malpeli
Produced By: KRU Studios